Forest Therapy

As a certified Forest Therapy Guide, Adrienne leads small groups of children and adults on specially designed nature walks that help calm the mind and body and awaken the senses.

These walks, each one different and unique, help improve our overall health in the 4 key areas: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional.

To schedule a private walk for your group, click the green "BOOK YOUR CALL NOW" button below.

Walks are available in-person or virtual!

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Saturday, Oct. 23rd - Saturday, Nov. 7th

Do you live close to Anderson, IN? If so, join me for an in-person walk series!

This series will go for 6 weeks, meeting at a different location each week!

Enjoy some fun and spontaneity while relaxing in nature! :-)

Time: 3-5pm ET

Cost: $180 for the 6-weeks

You can register for my walk HERE. Scroll down to my name (on the right side) and click the "Register" button.

Monday, Oct. 25th:

This is a virtual walk.

Come join me as we spend time exploring nature in a way that awakens our senses and calms our body.

You may join from anywhere, but it's preferable that you are outdoors to get the most benefit.

Time: 2-3:30pm ET

Cost: $24

You can register HERE. Scroll down to my name (on the left side) and click the "Register" button.