Do you desire to protect pollinators and wildlife, but not sure where to start? Do you deal with an HOA and feel like all the “rules” just aren’t worth it?

Do you end your days feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Overworked? Wishing you could just find time to relax?

Do you struggle to connect with God due to the stresses and demands of your work and modern life?

Are you tired of taking pills for every ailment, but aren’t really sure what alternative methods are available, or how to use them?

Having a strong desire to improve yourself and/or the planet is awesome! But not knowing how to do it can be super frustrating!

Date: October 30th, 2021

Time: 10am-1pm (Eastern)

Cost: $75

We’ve been where you are, and have discovered a common theme among all of these things: NATURE!

Spending time in nature helps improve our spiritual health by connecting us with God, the creator of all things! It also helps with mental/emotional health (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.), and physical health (healing herbs, eating plant-based meals). And when we spend time in nature (even if just in our backyard), we learn to appreciate it more, including the desire to attract beautiful wildlife to our property.

The four of us have personally experienced the healing power of nature:

Shannon ~ Nature has always been a part of my life. It brings me peace, happiness, and a sense of renewal. I just feel at home in nature. When I get busy and don’t take time to enjoy the nature around me, I feel discombobulated, stressed, and like something is missing.

Adrienne ~ Nature calms me, especially when I’m experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. The fresh air and smell of trees is peaceful.

Yvette ~ Nature gives me medicine that keeps me healthy without having to use pills.

Pat ~ Nature helps me de-stress and detox from modern life. For me it's not an oasis in the wilderness, it’s the oasis of the wilderness. I find peace there.

And nature can help you, too!

It can help you live without stress. It can help you be more creative. It can help you save pollinators and wildlife and help them thrive. It can help you become healthier and stronger, and more deeply connected to God.

That’s why we’ve come together to offer this “Connecting With Nature” seminar ~ so we can help you discover your own healing through nature connection.

Whether that healing comes from:

  • building a wildlife habitat in your backyard

  • engaging with nature through forest therapy

  • connecting more with God through photographing his beautiful creation

  • using medicinal herbs for a healthier lifestyle

This seminar will provide the key that unlocks your journey to a healthier you!

To help you dig deeper, we’re offering two breakout sessions after the presentations. Choose one speaker for each breakout to deep-dive with. Ask questions, get answers, start living your best life!

Reserve your spot today by clicking the button below, and get ready to experience nature in a whole new way!

Adrienne Davis

I'm on a mission to help restore God’s creation to wholeness and wellness.

I'm a forest therapy guide, leading small groups of people (including tiny humans ;-) on specially designed nature walks. I'm also a blogger at, author of My Nature Journal, and am in the process of writing my first children’s book.

I've spent most of my life working with children in various capacities, and I now offer wellness coaching to children and their families in the areas of plant-based eating and mental health.



In this workshop, we’ll explore how to improve your overall health through spending time in nature. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to connect with God, experience a mini forest therapy session in your own backyard, and even how to experience nature while living in an urban area with little to no access to public green spaces.

Shannon Trimboli

I help people in the eastern U.S. discover their local pollinators, wildlife, and native plants so they can appreciate and create space for them in their own yards and communities.

I'm a blogger and podcaster at I also operate a native plant nursery and habitat consulting business, teach about gardening for pollinators and wildlife, and produce yummy honey from my backyard beehives. I am the author of Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, and am working on two additional books.”



We’ll discuss ways to turn your property into an oasis for pollinators and wildlife, while meeting any HOA or other ordinances that may apply. Some of the topics we’ll touch upon include gardening, providing nesting and overwintering habitat, and how to balance your property needs with the needs of the pollinators and wildlife you hope to attract.

Yvette Davis

I'm a health and life coach at, where I teach people how to heal their body, mind and soul, naturally. I educate my clients on food, supplements, movement, mindset, and a host of other natural healing methods. I help people learn to use God’s healing gifts to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.



We will talk about the importance of eating food as close to nature as possible, and explore some easy-to-grow and easy-to-find herbs that support overall health.

We’ll explore the effects of processed foods on the body and mind. You’ll learn how to remove health-damaging foods from your diet almost effortlessly. And we’ll talk about easy ways to include health-giving herbs and nutrients in your diet.

Pat Mingarelli

I’m a photographer with 30 years of professional photography experience. For the past 15 years I have also taught continuing education in photography through various workshops and classes.

As far as nature/creation, I have a website, The Creation Speaks, where I share a daily nature photograph I’ve taken, a Bible verse, and some short devotional thoughts. I also do speaking engagements focused on experiencing God in nature.



In this workshop we will explore how to become better photographers, both technically and spiritually. Technically, we will explore how to make more artistic nature photos through better composition. Spiritually, we will explore how to better connect with God while photographing nature.


10:00am ET: Welcome

10:05am ET: Introduction to Nature Connection (all 4 presenters)

11:15am ET: Deep Dive #1 (presenter of your choice)

12:10pm ET: Deep Dive #2 (presenter of your choice)

12:55pm ET: Wrap-up